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World Class Recruitment & Placement Services for the Insurance Industry

We pride ourselves as being a world class recruitment service provider for the Insurance Industry. At Citadel Consulting, our philosophy is to make recruitment easy for the insurance industry- we will help you identify and place the most suitable candidates for vacancies in your organization in the most cost effective and hassle free manner.

We have an extensive and growing talent data bank of insurance professionals at all levels and contacts of many others who we have trained over the years.

The English say “Send a thief to catch a thief”. A Chartered Insurer is best suited to recruit insurance professionals for you. At Citadel Consulting, you will benefit from the recruiting expertise of highly experienced recruiters who combine knowledge, experience, and insight to identify the right people who can best meet your needs.

Our recruitment process entails the employer availing to us details of a vacancy, after which we identify suitable candidates either from our Talent Bank, from our Insurance networks or from advertising. We conduct preliminary interviews and avail to the employer the top candidates who we feel closely matches the position, for the employer to conduct final interviews and place the right candidate. Our system allows full recruitment within two weeks after receiving the vacancy details.


Workers are motivated or demotivated by different factors because as defined, motivation is the force that makes us do things or the activation or energization of goal oriented behavior and has a personal characteristic thus it is not a one fit all option. Some of the most common motivators at the work place include the salary, internal competition, opportunity to learn, incentives, loyalty to the boss or the organisation, fear, job satisfaction, personal achievement, recognition, responsibility bestowed, working conditions, nature of work, how the business is run or the supervision methods employed.

Because of the wide array of motivators, workers go down on morale at times thus requiring motivation sessions. Our mind blowing motivation speeches, which paint mentor pictures is a powerful way to get the workers to internalize their challenges and rediscovers their lost energy thus getting them high to perform again.

The sessions which can be arranged indoor or outdoor take anything from 30 minutes to three hours depending on the need and the availability of time. Give your team a burst of energy, let us speak to them.

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